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Last Sunday, I visited our Bible Study in the village of Kewal. The previous Sunday was spent in our Bible Study in the village of Nabuin. Both of these are about 18 months old and progressing nicely.
Posted on 23 Jan 2015 by Eddie
A lot has changed in the short time I have been in America. The most important...I have changed sponsoring churches. South Union Baptist Church in Daingerfield, TX is my new sending church. Pastor Chad Thompson has made 3 trips to Kenya and has witnessed first hand what God is doing among the Turkana people. <br /><br />I am excited about this move and look forward to many wonderful years together between South Union and Turkana Missions.<br /><br />I also have a new cell phone contact while in the States. You can reach me at 352-568-5225 until 10 August.<br /><br />If you have any questions or concerns...please contact me by phone or email ([email protected]). <br /><br />Much love,<br />Eddie
Posted on 02 Jun 2009 by Eddie
I asked for prayer for Landmark Missionary Baptist Church in Pensacola and the revival meeting they have scheduled starting today until wednesday night. Thank you to all who have prayed for this meeting and for Landmark Church.<br /><br />WOW!! What a day! The altar filled this morning and tonight with many weeping over their relationship with God, over their church, or over lost folks...friends and family. Pastor Charlie stood weeping before the church recomitting himself to them and the Lord. I love a shepherd that weeps over his sheep.<br /><br />Please continue to pray for Brother Charlie and Landmark MBC...and for me. It was a wonderful day filled with liberty and power from the Holy Spirit of God. There are 3 days left of this meeting and I am expecting great things. <br /><br />Please pray with us...<br /><br />Much love,<br />Eddie
Posted on 18 May 2009 by Eddie
Tonight starts the West Florida Association annual meeting. It will be good to see everyone in this part of the world again. They have been faithful supports of me and the work God is doing among the Turkana people for many years.<br /><br />Sunday, Landmark Missionary Baptist Church in Pensacola begins its revival. I will be preaching 5 services and will begin my journey back to Central Florida on Thursday. Please help me pray with this church that the time we spend together will be blessed and annointed with the Holy Spirit and truly revival will come...not only for the church...but also this weary missionary.<br /><br />Much love,<br />Eddie
Posted on 15 May 2009 by Eddie
I enjoyed my first weekend back in America with my 2 daughters. Breanne is 14 and almost as tall as I am. Michaella will be 12 in a couple of weeks. They are doing well and are beautiful young Christian ladies.<br /><br />I left Florida on Tuesday and headed to Tuscaloosa, AL to be with my sponsoring church for services on Wednesday. I also saw some old friends...Butch and Nancy Roshto, along with Jeff and Shari Gilbert and their 3 girls. It was good to see everyone again.<br /><br />Friday, I travelled to Wiggins, MS. Ebenezer BC has supported my work since 1999 and I have many good friends there...including George Pennell who is faithful to check my journal for new entries...and tells me about it when they are not there. was good to see him along with Brother and Sister Rogers, Dave and Ladonna and the rest of Ebenezer church.<br /><br />I am in Pensacola right now. I will be here until the 21st preaching, preaching, preaching. <br /><br />I know this is a bit short...but I promised George I would be better at posting. <br /><br />Much love,<br />Eddie
Posted on 12 May 2009 by Eddie
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