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Tonight starts the West Florida Association annual meeting. It will be good to see everyone in this part of the world again. They have been faithful supports of me and the work God is doing among the Turkana people for many years.<br /><br />Sunday, Landmark Missionary Baptist Church in Pensacola begins its revival. I will be preaching 5 services and will begin my journey back to Central Florida on Thursday. Please help me pray with this church that the time we spend together will be blessed and annointed with the Holy Spirit and truly revival will come...not only for the church...but also this weary missionary.<br /><br />Much love,<br />Eddie
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Posted on 15 May 2009 by Eddie

by gpennell @ 15 May 2009 06:56 pm
Will certainly pray for you and this church you&#039;ll be at, Brother... <br />Thanks for the update, <br />George
by kenya2007 @ 16 May 2009 05:56 am
Brother, we&#039;ll be in prayer. Have you heard from any of your guys back in Turkana?? <br /> <br />Chat
by Eddie @ 16 May 2009 12:30 pm
chat, <br />i spoke with michael (from napetet) last week. all is well and the seminar went great with josephat and michael doing the teaching. <br />thanks for you and george praying for the revival! <br />eddie
by oiiuunxm @ 09 Jan 2015 03:48 pm
by Ayong @ 22 Nov 2015 07:00 am
I had the experience to visit a World Vision vlliage in Gulu, Uganda in October. It was life-changing to meet my sponsored child, see where he lives, and the joy he and his family had with so little. It was humbling to say the least. It also showed me how valuable small things are to these children and families. The basics you describe- food, water, school. That's really all they want. A chance at a dignified life. Thank you for reminding me that the WV gift catalog is the perfect way to give a gift that will make an eternal difference. It is the birthday of our Savior that we celebrate. And of course scripture says when we give a gift to the least of these we give it to Jesus. So- let's give some good and generous gifts in His name! Thank you for this post!

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